LuLaRoe Inspiration

Too tempting to resist as these patterns are just ridiculous.

The original is in an evidence room. Found in a forest on a murder victim, 5 years after the fact.
When the herd comes alive.
Gatlin, 10 years later. Thou shall not offer rotten corn.
pineapple print
Apocalypse. The broken condom smiles, realising the escaped mutant sperm will bring forth the Antichrist. The heroin-addicted pineapple also smiles, even though its teeth have fallen out. The slice of brie is not too pleased.
Someone ripped the roof off our outdoor toilet 🙁 .
dwarves crowded
Somebody sue that landlord!
murder victim trousers
Left by a homeless person in a bush. Top quality.
What you see when you take Ayahuasca.
tree from poltergeist
The tree from Poltergeist.
raw meat
We remind you not to approach the cages. Especially if you look like raw meat.
splashed by lorry
Fuck that puddle and that lorry!
caught in knickers top
When stuff gets caught in your knickers after using the toilet.
Going full rhino on a print for “tall and curvy” women.
Welcome to the FLDS. You many never leave.

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