I’m Just A Nationalist!

Dedicated to all the poor souls out there who waste their precious time and energy hating others for existing in their proximity.


At night I hear strange voices, I shake between the sheets

They’re Polish, Czech and Indian, they’re flooding all our streets,

I dread a painful death from an unknown disease

I might catch on the metro from a foreign cough or sneeze…


With ugly scowls and boos and hideous tatoos

From north down to south we’re frothing at the mouth;

I see enemies in prams and carried by their Mums,

My heart aches and bleeds every time one breeds.


I call out to my peers and only get their rears,

For when they hear me speak their faces turn so bleak;

I seek wisdom from my muse but I only shout abuse;

My rhetoric should convince but all they do is wince…


I really don’t Sig Heil, though I’m full of racist bile,

My sanity’s fragile but my doctor’s in denial;

My poor soul goes stale as I read the Daily Mail,

And every single day it fuels my dismay…


I feel like a brave stag posing with the flag,

I force some eerie smiles as if I had the piles,

There is no joy, no future, no hope at all out there

As long as all those strangers keep using up my air!

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