For a while, so-called progressivism has been dismissed as a simple (however radical) variation of the left, basing itself on nothing but ungrounded idealism, likely to evaporate with the passing of time. As it seeps into politics, one can no longer ignore the sweeping tide of entitlement, belligerence and ever-growing demands coming from that camp, seeking to force a Marxist view of the world on every single person.

The next phase, as described by former  KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov in 1984 (when the term intrsectionality was not in circulation yet the ground was being set) is none other than the unification of all radicalised “minorities” (whether legitimate or self-proclaimed) towards the ideal of a socialist utopia.

It’s a strange and foreboding process to witness for anyone who is acquainted with the dynamics of socialism, as said groups have never experienced it and have no idea where they are actually headed. They live under the mirage of someday being able to micromanage society down to fine details; their lack of experience with totalitarianism enables them to truly believe they will restructure the world.

As Mr Bezmenov explained, they are only useful in the phase of destabilisation, which the western world is currently undergoing; when the new system is in place, the ruling elite will no longer have use for them and will quiet them down with a belated fist in the mouth, which will be a shocking disappointment to them. They do not understand that they will never achieve a superior status, even though momentarily they are pandered to and feared.Their power is temporary.

They also do not understand that other people’s rights are their rights – and when they push legislation which suppresses free expression, they too will suffer the consequences someday, when their rhetoric is no longer the desired norm.

With this promise of a utopia, they harvest people’s grievances and frustrations, be they important or trivial, driving crowds into a frenzy and encouraging all kinds of violence towards dissenters.

Below I have listed a few important reasons why these activists should not be indulged or ignored, as the results can only be detrimental.

They seek division on all levels

Contrary to what they claim to seek, which is supposedly equality, compassion and tolerance between people from all walks of life, what they have achieved so far is violence and acrimony on a large scale. By approaching the majority (which they stigmatise as privileged by birth) with a sense of moral superiority, with extreme oversensitivity and pettiness, as well as bullying and threats, they are causing various groups to become segregated and permanently on edge.

They separate people based on inherent traits such as sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, adding to that made-up categories such as the never-ending list of genders. Every label comes with its own cross and presumed responsibility of “fighting” for one’s own group; if someone meets the criteria but refuses to join the “struggle” they are seen as traitors and lumped in with the “oppressive” majority. Which proves that overall, this activism is not about protecting said groups, which these “traitors” are also members of, but about radicalising the masses towards embracing socialism. A dissenter out of the categories they have selected for leftist radicalisation (such as a gay conservative) is their worst nightmare.

It proves that they are only interested in those who are politically useful to them in the long run, and not in the actual daily struggles of those they label “marginalised”.

Give it a few years and those who indulge in this type of bullying will no longer enjoy genuine interactions with anyone outside of their group, the rest being forced to walk on eggshells around them, avoiding them and only discussing them behind their backs, as to not “trigger” their nitroglycerine-like sensitivities. Despite the current trigger fever, I believe few people truly want to be aproached in this manner 24/7.

As expected, the aggressiveness is not only manifested towards the majority but towards other “marginalised” groups as well, as they battle each other for oppression points and the priority of their demands. This in turn leads to the destabilisation of society, which at one point becomes unable to function as it is fragmented into permanently quarreling subdivisions which refuse compromises.

They are robotic, incapable of original thinking

Thoughtless conformity, at first induced through idealism and then imposed through fear (as brilliantly shown by George Orwell), has been abhorred in civilised countries, which, with all the flaws of capitalism, have thrived by allowing the best minds to rise and keep improving life conditions through innovation.

One can safely associate the mindless chanting of slogans with brainwashed cult members and to most people it is a frightening spectacle, as it indicates the ceding of one’s intellectual faculties to an authority figure (group leader, propagandist etc), in complete submission. The brain fever described by a participant in the Rwandan massacre is of the same origin, only exacerbated to the point of deadly violence.

You will notice that when attempting a discussion with a radical SJW, any argument you might bring to the table will be met with the same cliches, down to stereotypical phrases and expressions, going nowhere. They are so convinced of their absolute moral superiority they make no intellectual effort to meet others halfway.

Such people cannot be reasoned with. It’s impossible.

They have no scruples 

One of the most appalling aspects of the social justice crusade is its thirst for blood, though not always literal. Over and over, people have lost their livelihoods due to a comment interpreted as offensive; some have had their reputations destroyed by relentless attacks seeking to paint them in the vilest colours.

Anyone with a functioning brain can see that demanding someone’s head for an unpleasant exchange of words is pathological behaviour. For all their declared desire for justice, they have a very skewed idea of what justice actually is and how to assess the proportionality of the reparations they seek to the offence they claim was committed against them.

You cannot trust such individuals with getting involved in legal reforms or any major decision making with public impact.

They are relentless, uncompromising and deeply intolerant

As mentioned earlier, they do not see shades of grey or political neutrality, choosing to divide the world into the oppressed, their allies (which are second-class crusaders to people labelled marginalised)  and oppressors, the second category encompassing those who mind their own lives and do not get involved in any debates. By simply existing and not taking their side, you are guilty of “supporting the status quo” and thus they involve you without your participation or permission. Also, in their world, the phrase “I agree with you partially” is often seen as a declaration of war.

They have no real respect for the people they claim to represent

As ideologues, they only work with abstractions and disregard the practical implications of what they are proposing. It’s impossible to hold a logical discussion even regarding concepts which are ridiculously non-viable.

As an example, their concern regarding cultural appropriation is such that they seek to end the exporting of certain aspects by minorities, to avoid their consumption by the oppressive majority. This includes fashion, cuisine, traditional art, music and even language. All this while ignoring the fact that many voluntarily market their culture to make a living; leftists would rather see them impoverished than admit that cultural segregation is a stupid, detrimental idea.

They turn on their own squad

The last thing anyone should expect from this crowd is loyalty or friendship; political fanaticism demands only showing loyalty to a cause, even if the journey involves throwing your collaborators off the bus at times. Being utterly rigid in their thinking and expression, they don’t hesitate to call their activists traitors for the slightest dissenting opinion.

Groups lamented as marginalised yesterday have become today’s new oppressors – as an example, “cis” gay people, especially when white, monogamous and wealthy. In other words, those who have obtained the rights they demanded and have entered the mainstream – and surprise, surprise, are happy enough with that.

Their backing by radicals had nothing to do with what they actually seeked; they were expected to remain on the bandwagon, perpetually dissatisfied, despite just wanting to get on with their lives.

Their demands are ambiguous, imposible to meet

An SJW’s expectations are more slippery than a bucket of slime; nearly every article one reads is laden with contraditctions. One is never sure where to tread, hopping from one foot to the next in order to avoid placing the wrong amount of emphasis on inherent traits. Whilst focusing on differences makes you guilty of just about every -ism or –phobia you can think of, apparently, ignoring them altogether is also insulting; not to mention disingenuous. You can also master their exact vocabulary to a tee, copy them robotically and still be accused of having the wrong impact.

In fact, they police their own allies to the bone marrow, to the point of finding fault with the most dedicated activism. Their criticism is so convoluted and twisted it sends a normal brain into overdrive.

The only sane conclusion is that they cannot be placated and will remain in this semi-hysteria until their societies come undone altogether.

Ignoring this phenomenon is a momentary solution – aside from the risk of encountering these types in a variety of environments. However, as they push for legislation to consolidate the new value system, taking the time to dismantle their rhetoric is certainly not superfulous.