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P*ssy Hat Protest (Satire)

This satire was inspired by the SJW protests around Donald Trump’s inauguration, where many protesters showed up with “pussy hats” and giant vagina costumes. Besides engaging in frivolous rhetoric, some carried out acts of pointless destruction of public and private property alike.

Whereas I share their opinion of Donald Trump, buffoonery and vandalism are not efficient ways to make a statement.


Come join me, fellow sisters, in a majestic screech

The seals of the Antarctic could never hope to reach!

We’ll drown out all their hatred and stomp any adherent;

Just like the Wooly Mammoth, we’re slow but perseverant!


Do not be shy to handle my polyester tw*t;

You can’t get hepatitis or herpes from a hat!

Though some do say it gives them, if I may be so blunt,

A never-ending licence to label me a c*nt!


Last week I was a victor, I marched from dusk ‘till dawn,

I trampled the begonias on some cis white male’s lawn,

And after manly pummels, which left my muscles sore,

In Herculean struggles – his trash bin is no more!


I ran back in full glory after this brave foray,

Though covered in cat faeces and three-day-old soufflé;

This proves beyond suspicion, and please spare no applause,

That I’d decline no effort to further our cause!


We broke a good few windows, they cursed at us with pathos

And called for paramedics and cops to please sedate us;

I thrive in cis despair and in patriarchal dread!

We are the revolution, comrades! Full steam ahead!


We’ll show these cunts what love is, for unity we aim,

Our chants, group hugs and dances put any cult to shame!

Their faces are so pasty – but with a punch or two,

We’ll make them into rainbows, with shades of red and blue!

Leftist “Persuasion” Methods, From The Horse’s Mouth

Have you ever wondered how to reach a state of being able to live with yourself as a white or generally privileged person? It’s a tough one. But worry not; radical leftists have peppered the Internet with detailed instructions on what to think and feel, how to speak, how to behave and who you’re allowed to socialise with.

The articles quoted below give instructions on how to:

  • Cut family and friends out of your life for disagreements on social media;
  • Pester them until they cut you out of theirs, as an alternative;
  • Stop detractors from “harming” minorities by keeping their minds busy;
  • Pity them as fools and try to help them see the error in their ways;
  • Mob them in order to force them into acquiescence.

It’s very common these days to read articles which approach whiteness as some kind of degenerative disease which renders a person morally hopeless if not treated in good time.

Some of these articles are downright disturbing. They encourage – or even demand – that white people who aspire to be decent human beings should promote leftism to the point of cutting contact with all dissenting friends and family members over opinions on leftist activism.

There are guides on how to do it, which glorify this self-inflicted isolation as moral superiority. It is reminiscent of what Alan Watt often mentioned, regarding the Marxist push to completely isolate the individual by destroying bonds of loyalty and love, and only subordinating their mind to the state ideology.

To qualify for your contempt, your loved ones needn’t actually be racist; they only need to disagree with the methods militant organisations such as BLM employ and how they conduct themselves. Anyone who sees nuances in racial relations or disapproves of disruptive protesting is an intolerable bigot.The next phase might be advocating divorce over this stuff – seriously.

Let’s start with this article, which spells it out for us. It’s titled “The 7 stages of white people getting woke”. The most relevant paragraph is as follows:

Every woke white person eventually has to go through an exhaustive social media purge. (…) The random person from high school who’s always like, “Why doesn’t anyone care when a white person gets killed by the police?” Anyone who supports Donald Trump? Block. 

Ironically, whereas the psychological processes described in the list are internal and have no bearing on how society works, the only palpable result of this maniacal purge is alienation, resulting in a person only interacting with the echo chamber of like-minded radicals. The freshly groomed radical, much like a cult member, will now depend on an ideological group for all social needs, such as company, sharing thoughts and ideas etc. To be fair, the article only received criticism; however, this mentality is quite common.

A couple of comments are very relevant, pointing out the futility of the proposed method while simultaneously urging for action as opposed to mental wanking. Which means that one should not only support groups such as BLM by propagandising but actually participate in what they do. However obsessed the radical becomes with race relations, chances are they will encounter disdain from the very people they claim solidarity with, for still being a useless oppressor. Apparently, the only way to not be an oppressor is to join the front line (protesting, rioting etc). Otherwise, they oppress these people simply by existing, even if fanatically in accordance with their stance.

“Ally porn.
Misguided, misled and as miserably narcissistic as one could expect from a wp that uses the term “woke” to apply to the oppressor becoming comfortable with their privilege, and feeling validated as sociopathic cog in a murderous, antiBlack system.”

“If white people block racist white people instead of confronting them, they aren’t allies, they’re tourists. You want to make change,? Use your power as a white person to confront and try to change all those white people you want to block.” 

I would like to stress that even though this blocking caper seems effortless, it does entail cutting contact with actual people in your life, as opposed to simply erasing names from internet lists. This can lead to isolation.

Other militants for white guilt as a general concept (which should apply to every individual indiscriminately) argue an activist should manipulate reluctant relatives and friends into cutting contact instead, as to avoid appearing aggressive – by displaying such as obsession with the issue others will simply grow tired and cease the interaction.

Fill your social media posts with so much wise and unapologetic love and support for the struggles of people of color that your intractable white friends and family just can’t take it anymore.

They’ll either hide you from their feed or block you. Good riddance.

This is very twisted as it is phrased to give the impression that cutting contact is the actual purpose of the radical’s proselytism, as opposed to pursuing systemic changes. Which makes the whole endeavour look superficial and infantile.

Moreover, the article makes it clear that when attempting to change someone’s attitude, the activist should proceed with caution, witholding the automatically presumed disdain and masking it in an aura of compassion.

Imagine that within every oblivious white person is a racial justice ally waiting to come out. Invite in a little compassion for these white folks. 

You know they’re embarrassing themselves. You know they’re on the wrong side of history. It sucks to unknowingly say something ignorant or untrue or get stuck pigheadedly in a belief just because we’re afraid to entertain the truth.

The disdain becomes even more poignant further on.

Remember, every minute you spend engaging with a racially unaware white person is a minute they can’t spend antagonizing a person of color with their micro- and macro- aggressions.

By drawing hostile fire, you divert their energy away from expressing their frustrations in more harmful ways. And you exhaust them. And you might – slowly and imperceptibly – change their minds.

This somehow entails that antagonising minorities is the purpose of that person’s life, so that every minute of diverting their attention is an heroic act of stopping them from harming others. That’s what it comes down to in an SJW’s mind. 

No middle ground, no appreciation of that person’s character or an attempt to determine whether they are indeed racist or disagree on methods of activism, social policies etc. The person in front of the SJW is an aggressor, an inferior intellect who needs to be acted upon, diverted, manipulated and exhausted.

Another method of “persuasion” is silencing by mobbing.

Enlist Your Other Conscious White Friends

Have them engage with your commenters. Send them this article, tell them about your compassion strategy, privately message them, and ask them to step up for you on a trying comment thread.

Sometimes a second, third, or fourth voice can start to nudge a white person in the direction of greater logic and self-regulation.

There’s nothing like knowing other folks are paying attention and agreeing with the other side to elevate a conversation beyond name-calling.

Mobbing does not prove the validity of an argument; all it does is apply pressure by surrounding someone and bombarding them with an idea. It’s all about the number of like-minded people being mobilised at the same time into a discussion, to overwhelm a person or a smaller group. The direction of greater logic and self-regulation translates as backing off after being cornered, shamed or/and threatened.

There are numerous online resources to help conscious lefties deal with bigots in their families, as they take to the internet to seek guidance, unsure of how to behave. This is another example, involving someone who was agitated about his/her uncle making a supposedly racist comment online (referring to BLM, which means the comment could merely have been common sense), without inconveniencing him/ her on purpose. The advice given is predictable – to engage with the opinionated uncle and pester him with BLM propaganda.

A peace built on silence and censorship is a dumb peace – literally. And that peace is already broken as far as you are concerned, anyway, right? He broke it by saying something offensive and hurtful in public. That was his choice.

Now I have no idea what the guy actually wrote, it could have been bad indeed; the issue here is that he did not choose to break the peace with his niece or nephew, as the latter was not the recipient of said message. In fact, like every other person, he probably feels entitled to his opinion, which this article dismisses, suggesting that a leftie has every right to to try to dominate the speech and behaviour of everyone around them. They have to police, correct, persuade and even hassle, at all times. It’s fair enough to contradict someone if they make bigoted remarks in your presence, but hunting down their online activity as if it impacted you directly is a step too far.

The propagandist handbook is thick and intricate, and contains all the ingredients for fanaticism. When every person’s opinion becomes your business (or better yet, your crusade), the only one likely to end up being excluded is you.












The SJW Cult – Recruiting Renfields

Before I comment on this article , which I am told to properly quote and will do, I must mention I think parts of it are ludic (definitely the part about requiring celebrity signatures). However, the inclusion of a small joke does not make the overall concept less disturbing.

Briefly, it lists a series of expectations under the guise of a “friendship contract” meant to define the exact terms of a “fully loving relationship”.

They are clearly meant to define a decent individual in today’s western societies – a radical SJW determined to overturn the system by any means.

To start with, one would see the dreaming up of such a contract as a sad, desperate result of friendlessness turning someone so egotistical they resort to believing they are alone because they are too special and thus must demand more from others. One would also see it as a loner shooting themselves in the foot, looking all the more ridiculous and spiteful. Yet coming from a popular (as I understand) social justice activist, there might be some cause for concern of this being taken seriously.

The author is telling others that in order to befriend a social justice activist like himself, people should not only behave like complete nutcases but actually become that way. Anything less is unacceptable. This cause demands your entire life, your mind and your soul.

I hope to see the day one of them comes up with an idea that is so far fetched literally no one supports it, and their own crowd starts howling this is too much; we want our fucking lives back.

And I don’t use the term nutcases lightly as I have a very broad acceptance of whatever people choose to believe in, unless they are actually harming others as a result (and by harming I don’t mean expressing a different opinion). However, it’s easy to identify some attempts to replace natural human interaction, such as friendship, with an artificial travesty designed for political purposes. 

And calling the recruitment of political activists friendship is particularly slimy.

I’ve written hundreds of letters of recommendations, given countless formal and informal references, provided education on social justice topics via my unpaid and severely undervalued labor. I have often played life coach to people with oozing amounts of privilege, subjecting myself to well-intentioned yet willful violence. 

Did all of this not count for something? Is this what friendship is? A relationship of faux empathy, niceties, and unchecked violence through unacknowledged privilege. Is that what it’s always been?

Quite obviously, the one turning friendship into a mercantile affair is the author and not those seeking effortless help (such as a letter of recommendation), those “taking advantage” of the “education” given by the author of his own volition, or the people he “played life coach to” (advised on personal matters I assume) despite his hidden contempt for them due to their supposed privilege (which can be as simple as a different skin pigmentation as far as SJWs are concerned).

Unchecked violence through unacknowledged privilege insinuates that those people were carrying out an act of violence by simply existing in the conditions life had provided them with. Which is a really disturbing perspective but explains the mentality of the “oppressed” of the day.

Folks feel betrayed by my growth and exertion of self, as they feel betrayed by my evolution. How dare I demand their unnecessary evolution as well? I can feel the tension in current relationships, as folk creatively tell me that they don’t want to learn about the plight of undocumented peoples, challenge the ableist language they use, or think critically on how they engage fat people from a place of deficit.

Folks feel annoyed and despaired by anyone who will not let them exhale, let alone speak, without “pointing out” that they are guilty of unspeakable crimes simply by not taking on social justice crusades every bastard second of the day. When their every other word is “problematic” and they end up in situations like the uneducated snob making threats against a taxi driver for having a Hawaiian dancer doll on his dashboard:

When you hear the arrogance and entitlement, not to mention self-righteousness oozing out of this type of twat, you just about give up on part of the young generation.

No one in their right mind can stand these people. Their inability to make friends is not a surprise in the slightest.

Apparently, it becomes too exhausting to hang out with me. Which is to say, I have to be better in your presence or I have to deal with guilt when you’re around. Why can’t things go back to normal? Which is to say, let’s thrive in the violence of status quo together – we’ve got each other, even if my heel is at your neck.

He expects to befriend people he considers guilty by default of their “heel being at his neck”. That’s a hell of a start right there.

As I embrace this new and in many ways unrecognizable being, I am motivated to explore the meaning of a healthy and loving friendship.

Can you imagine fighting for liberation with a squad – the folks that love you in your fullness, and you love them in theirs? What does that feel like? Look like?

It would look a lot like Jonestown, judging by what is written below, which is anything but loving or healthy, but rather an attempt to control and manipulate someone. A healthy friendship involves respect and boundaries. None of that can be found in this article.

I want this list of expectations to speak to the well-intentioned people in my life — the folk that mean well but often render themselves unhelpful. The price of friendship has gone up and the only acceptable payment is risk taking and radical love.

Good luck on that one. He must think he’s pretty fucking special (as all snowflakes do) and that applicants will be queuing at the door for the great honour. I know this might sound needlessly derisive and sharp-tongued, but the tone of the article is really annoying.

Here is my working Friendship Contract:

Do you want to be my friend?

(YES) (NO) (*MAYBE) 

Please circle one.

*Maybe will be coded as a “No.” I’m hot stuff. This should not be difficult.

If the answer is yes, there are just ten expectations.

Everyone loves a confident fellow; however, there is a definite line between confidence and laughable arrogance. But anyway. The silliness is the least important issue.

Though it’s useful to point out that many presentations made by these activists on serious subject infantilise the reader (I recall nursery-style cartoons accompanied by text which seemed to be written for very simple people).

This can be reworded as hi, I want to be your best buddy; how would you like to overthrow the state with me?

Expectation #1: We Must Toughen Our Skin

We must be able to use language such as: white supremacy, anti-blackness, transphobia, and marginalization in our day-to-day vocabulary without someone getting into their feelings. Heck, I just used three of the four words in a conversation with my bank teller.

Our language should not be deemed taboo or provocative in nature. Having conversations about justice, equity, this murderous system, and our collective liberation should be as frequent as police brutality and as normal as black folk clinging to the paradox of resiliency.

We must have these critical conversations in the open and move beyond the emotions that immobilize us. Our fragility cannot be prioritized. We must get to the actual work. 

In other words, we must pester unsuspecting, innocent people by constantly throwing their so-called privilege in their faces, until we sound like we’ve either smoked something dodgy, taken cocaine too early in the morning or might need psychiatric help.

I understand that religious groups such as Jehovah’s Witnesses also practice door-to-door conversion attempts, but at least they are frank about their intentions and create a separate context for these attempts. And you are more than entitled to shut the door in their faces. Whereas forcing these conversations on people who have no choice but to deal with you as a customer, patient, co-worker etc (you name it) is incredibly inappropriate.

And asking someone to partake in this relentless activism is basically asking them to look like a nutter, day in and day out, risking isolation in the best case scenario (and potentially other consequences).

All I can think of is the twat hassling a taxi driver about a doll on his dashboard. This guy is asking others to be that contemptible twat.