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What SJWs Call Sexual Harassment (Hilarious Though Quite Disturbing)

When a woman mentions being the victim of sexual harassment, unless she elaborates on it and her account is visibly exaggerated, one tends to believe her, out of the sheer belief that she would know how to differentiate that particular situation from others.

Nowadays, however, one has to be very cautious, as it seems some women (young in particular) are very confused about this notion.

The level of hysteria in the videos below has a hint of pathology, but it might as well be extreme entitlement, as well as the typical SJW attitude.

In the first situation, an SJW was filming an event based on people’s appraisal of how the local police were performing, looking for stories on police brutality or incompetence. There she came across a man who was appreciative of the job they had done helping his daughter, once addicted to drugs. A positive story didn’t sit well with her so she started verbally attacking this complete stranger. When aggressively asked for his name and unwilling to give it (for obvious reasons), he made one up on the spot, jokingly: Hugh Mungus (which is now an internet meme, thanks to said damsel). To that, she reacted hysterically, with shrieks, insults and accusations of sexual harassment, suspecting the man was alluding to his privates, which seems to be a traumatising crime even when said in a playful manner.

She had an absolute fit, insisting she was the victim of a sexual attack, then had a go at the security guards and police officers present for letting her “attacker” walk out the door. Amazingly, after leaving the place, she later pursued the case and attempted to make a formal complaint, as the second video shows.

Pathology might be involved of course, since she failed to realise that none of the people present (aside from a couple of fellow SJWs) interpreted the situation as she was. Perhaps it was more of an attempt to discredit the man (whom she kept referring to as a “sexual harasser” afterwards) to nullify his credibility because she didn’t like his pro-cop attitude.


The next one is a lady with an awfully SJW-ish rhetoric, accusing an innocent man of sexual harassment and racism for… saying hello to her in the street. She threatened to call the police as well because he had dared to address her, then fled when he threatened to do the same for her crazy behaviour (which anyone can see is far from normal).

Whereas one might think feminist articles referring to men approaching women as “street harassment” are just inconsequential drivel no one would take seriously, this seems to be the frightening result.

Every frustrated harpy out there can start making these serious accusations out of the blue and even follow through with her delusion.

Psychopathy – The New Fad For Social Justice Warriors

Make no mistake – although they come bearing rainbows and think they are empathy incarnate, SJWs are no hippies – they are hippies with a thirst for blood; the flower in “flower power” has turned carnivorous.

Becoming one is quite simple.

First, pick a category which seems to suffer from a disadvantage (even a slight one) compared to another and refer to the issue as oppression. Go as far as you like. You can say women who walk around half-naked are oppressed by the men staring at them; that women are oppressed by man-spreading on the metro (this crowd managed to get a law against it passed somewhere in the US). Anything goes.

Then, “spread awareness”, which, when SJWs are involved, means blow something out of proportion, make it seem more common than it is; make people feel threatened or outraged by it. Of course, real oppression deserves awareness and solutions. Female genital mutilation is an example, as are forced marriages in some communities, especially within cults. Man-spreading on the bus simply isn’t.

Where possible, turn this into the next best thing to a religion. Feminism, alternative lifestyles, you fill in the blank. Get endorsement from vote-hungry politicians, get into schools, get into churches. Make it abhorrent for anyone to express common sense; socially decapitate any dissenters. They are siding with the enemy.

When dealing with genuine issues, where you’d think they finally get something right, SJWs see the world upside-down. Let’s take paedophilia, which is a real societal cancer. Instead of focusing on  wealthy and influential networks existing in the world today, occasionally exposed by the press, they would have us think all men are potential paedos; they target people photographing their own kids in bathing suits by the pool. Any man speaking to a child who is not his own is now a “potential paedo” according to some.

Next on the ”to-do” list, apparently, is psychopathy, for groups such as Psychopath Free.


Like paedophilia, psychopathy is real; for a change, it affects us all, since our world is practically run by psychopaths. They carry out wars and genocides, they displace huge numbers of people across the planet, they impose censorship, brainwash the masses through the media and micromanage them on a daily basis. Lower level psychopaths also exist; some people are truly callous and have no remorse when trying to reach their goals. And yes, the media does glorify them nowadays.


What sites like PF do is trivialise the problem and drag it into the sphere of bitter ex’s recalling the mistreatment of every average Joe, or recalling their childhood difficulties and calling 50% of their family members psychopaths and narcissists. Having seen way too much of this, I’m getting a clearer picture of the great deception in this tidal wave of diagnosing others with personality disorders.

As with many SJWs, some people who believe to have been victimised by a psychopath or narcissist ultimately start blaming every problem they’ve ever had on this modern Nosferatu.

They start with the emotional neglect during their early years, with not feeling cared for and understood by their parents. Of course emotional neglect is wrong and parents should be mindful of how they handle those important years, yet they are only human and such mistakes do not qualify them as disordered.

Looking for information on emotional abuse, I came across very sobering material put out by Dr Pete Gerlach on his site and in many YouTube videos; Dr Gerlach has been a family therapist for over three decades. His conclusions are well explained, non-hysterical and simply make sense, if one is able to have an honest look at themselves and their own lives.


To put it briefly, he explains that most people carry psychological wounds they are not aware of, unwittingly caused by parents who in turn had been wounded as children. These wounds cause adults to behave in similar ways and continue the cycle, without meaning to. By examining their behaviour and practicing self-awareness (not “awareness” of how rotten other people are, while seeing themselves as victims), they can break the cycle and avoid wounding their own children. The other adults we come in contact with also carry these wounds and display difficult behaviour. His videos are not easy listening for those who see themselves as angels of light who are not prone to behavioural problems.

Demonising others and labelling them as psychopaths, while placing oneself on the other side of the fence, is hardly a solution. 

Times are very fertile for the PF campaign. Compared to a few years ago, the internet is now replete with material on abuse, which, while containing a substantial amount of truth, approaches it from the wrong angle, leading to this black-and-white view on human beings. It’s a call to pitchforks and SJW “awareness spreading”.

Sooner or later, if one takes this path, they will fall into awful exaggerations. Radical feminists think men are inherently domineering, disrespectful and want to enslave them. Those who militate for the celebration of alternative lifestyles see traditionalists as neo-Nazis who would hang them if they had the chance. In the same way, the PF crowd argues people with difficult or aggressive behaviour are set on destroying the ones they mistreat.

It’s all about finding an enemy and dedicating one’s energy to fighting them. What is also common among these radical groups is that they can never tolerate a more balanced view. Whilst they were genuinely traumatised at some point in their lives, they are equally deluded and dangerous now.

Through simple word of mouth, we saw PF hit #1 new release for Abuse, Personality Disorders, and Domestic Violence. Books get passed from clients to therapists, from patients to doctors, from defendants to lawyers, and suddenly awareness spreads like wildfire.

Spreading awareness, in this case, refers to actively encouraging people with no psychology or psychiatry background to freely diagnose others with Cluster B disorders, based on a shallow and subjective book, with no credentials, no depth or social responsibility behind it aside from one person’s hurt feelings.

Until now, this information was mainly accessed by those who were searching for it on-line. The oversimplification of the issue will become a weapon to many people with a vendetta against those who have wronged them.

Give it a few years and, if this tendency is not stopped by our inner voice of reason, “narc” or “psycho” will become a common schoolyard slur. There is an enormous difference between calling someone a bit of a jerk and labelling them with the most dangerous personality disorder there is, for the same type of behaviour.

In an insane world, sanity is the most precious thing we have. Please don’t put your minds and lucidity into the hands of these people.