There are quite a few ladies nowadays who think that because they disavow feminism in its current form, their next logical step is joining the MRM, qualifying as “those who are cool and different”. Arguing against the legal overreach of feminism is one thing – for some it’s a path to taking the “red pill” (and swallowing, pretending not to notice the foul taste).

If, as a woman, you want to know what the Red Pill is really about, don’t start with what you reject about modern feminism, namely today’s exaggerations. Start with the “positives” – what they actually think and want out of life. And if you identify with that or don’t feel revulsion, good luck.

You’re not part of their gang, nor are you witnessing their discussions as an outside observer.The walking “flashlight”, the inferior animal with secret “rape fantasies”, the “use by date” commodity – that’s you. They’re not just talking about certain women or most women or women you don’t associate with, but every single one, including their acolytes, partners/wives, mothers, grannies, sisters etc. Logically, since it’s all about biological determinism, it would apply to their daughters as well.

Here is an excellently written account of a woman’s interaction with this crowd, initially neutral, out of sheer curiosity, wanting to better provide “what men typically want” to her partner. What she stumbled upon was a pit of glorified misery, on one side, and a bunch of  bona fide sociopaths on the other. In between there were a few masochistic women grovelling at their feet, in agreement with their judgement.

Whereas the MRM as a whole has a reputation of distancing men from women, the Red Pill aims to depict women as commodities, to be manipulated, exploited and discarded. It’s the sociopath’s handbook, so to speak. No empathy, no connection, no consideration. Obtaining sex is referred to as “game” (a term also used to describe the carcasses of hunted animals).

This attitude might be understandable when coupled with teenage frustration. Yet Red Pill strategies were concocted by grown men, who claim they are applicable even in a marriage. Members egg each other on to cheat and emotionally abuse their partners as efficiently as possible, in cold blood, and then report back to the community for a gag. And indeed, there are accounts of men who applied these strategies to later regret it.

Nihilism is OK at 15. An adult is assumed to have enough life experience to consider the humanity of others and at least not harm them in a premeditated manner, after gaining their confidence. If they cannot do so, pathology is involved.

The much exulted channel Red Pill Philosophy claims women are biologically programmed to get down on their knees and “serve the cock”. Sure enough, by intermingling with them, some women appear to prove them right; for some, it seems, it would take being physically defecated on to become aware of their true standing.

There are men who get off by watching videos of women being slapped or punched “because they were looking for it”. It’s a YouTube genre by now. “The bitch got what she deserved”; “men strike back”; “here’s your equality”.  And even if those particular women pushed men’s boundaries to the very limit, what type of person does it take to enjoy watching that? One can agree with abstract concepts, such as men fighting back when assaulted, without jerking off to their depiction and replaying three times, just as one can agree from a distance that perhaps a military intervention was justified, without actually enjoying the sight of dead bodies. There is a difference. They get off on seeing women being hit; it really boils down to that. Even some titles exude delight.

Back to the Reddit story.

All these confident big-name gurus with their Red Pill channels made it easy to interact with actual adherents and my user name was obviously female so I thought I might enlighten them. Mistake. No matter how sweet and rational my comments, kindly pointing out that NAWALT and there are plenty of good gals out there, I was called “ugly” and a “liar” and told to leave. There were other female commenters who would suck up to the men and agree with all the misogyny and they would get patted on the head. But when I even quoted Jordan Peterson (oh boy) the boys club flipped out at me and labeled me a c&*t. Nothing short of full capitulation would appease these twerps.

Case in point.

AWALT (all women are like that) by definition includes present company, namely the ladies posting there in support of such views. It’s probably not their intention and they probably assume they are viewed differently; however “all” does not leave room for interpretation.

It was widely accepted that any woman my age (over 30) was a withered hag who had no real prospects but this did not match my life experience.

Not only is the “sell by” date meant to apply to their prospective partners, but as mentioned above, it logically applies to all their female relatives as well, should they be over 30 and single, for any reason.

Would one of these men say something like that in front of his divorced or widowed mother who is looking to remarry?

I felt pity and compassion.

Until I read the Married Red Pill subreddit.

That… was the darkest depth of human ugliness on the whole of the web. Holy crap. Instead of poor kicked puppies posting out of loneliness I found the Dark Triad masquerading as husbands. Men who hated their wives and called them “disgusting” and men who urged eachother to have affairs, all from a combat style relationship which made it hard to picture them ever standing up in a tux and saying their wedding vows. Post after ugly post. That was it for me, that was the end goal of Red Pill.

I’ve read some as well, out of morbid curiosity. They are exactly as described above.

Imagine that while a wife goes about her routine, even out of inertia, and keeps washing a man’s spunk off the sheets after he gets off thinking about someone else, he slumps over a desk expressing the most chilling contempt for her, as he wipes off the last crumbs of his desert. Imagine he describes her body and private parts for all to see; how sick the sight of her makes him and how sickening it is to have sex with her. Meanwhile she washes his socks and thinks of what to cook for him the next day. And after having received groans of commiseration from his fellow redditers, he goes to bed beside the “disgusting cow” and says good night to her.

It’s fair enough to fall out of love or to stop being attracted to someone. Shit happens. Divorce happens and sometimes it’s for the best.

What you read there isn’t a simple lack of attraction or wanting a divorce. It’s pure, unadulterated hatred; the kind that makes you think the OP might just smother his wife with a pillow one night for existing. No one deserves that just for failing to conform to someone’s physical standards.

For some cheating is not enough. Boasting about it is not enough. They have to actively humiliate their wives in front of complete strangers they share nothing with, except this hatred of “substandard women”. When you’ve been through years, perhaps decades of your life with someone, had children, shared powerful experiences, and still don’t grant them enough humanity to not describe their naked bodies on the internet, you are one sick motherfucker.

Either on Reddit or elsewhere, the same story, in a plethora of variations, keeps popping up – a man who is, to some degree, dissatisfied, comes across the Red Pill or MGTOW. He becomes increasingly abusive and, many times, the relationship or marriage falls apart. It’s described by men and women alike as a gradual process, often taking months for extreme  behaviour to manifest.

Again – if you’re a confident, attractive woman and think you can meet the standards of a Red Pill adherent, you are in fact:

  1. Conforming to being considered less intelligent by your social circle;
  2. Accepting that abusive tactics will be deliberately used on you in a relationship;
  3. Accepting that past a certain age (30) you will be considered valueless;
  4. Accepting that you will at best be tolerated but never respected.

As a last note, yet another Reddit comment which makes a lot of sense.

Forget about women for a second: Red pill is pure masochism for the supposed target audience.

According to TRP, 99% of all women are vile creatures always ready to backstab when you show the slightest weakness…

Yet you’re supposed to change your entire persona and your entire life just to bed as many as these vampires as possible. Is that schizo or what?

If women are indeed so terrible, than being “alpha” is even worse, because “alpha” exists only to sexually please the very same people he hates. Again, how fucking insane.

A 24*7 World of Warcraft playing virgin who genuinely enjoys what he does is a million times more alpha than any TRP lunatic.

Also, hating 50% of humanity yet arranging one’s life primarily to have sex with them is sexual abuse of oneself. Sex becomes intertwined with these negative feelings, yet also becomes the most important thing in your life to boot. So negativity itself becomes your life-goal.

It’s a sure ticket to the psych-ward in the long run.