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Jordan Peterson Followers: Worrying Aspects

To begin with, Jordan Peterson’s initiative of standing up to the over-sensitive culture of invented pronouns, safe spaces & Co seemed benign, coupled with a less acidic attitude than that of typical conservatives.

There are indeed reasons for rejecting this trend. Today alone it has emerged that a US teen has been targeted online by thousands for the crime of wearing a traditional Chinese dress to her prom (the last time I checked the Twitter discussion alone counted over 10.000 people). In other words, for the crime of cultural appropriation. The fact that a crowd of internet warriors finds it appropriate to bully an 18-year-old over fashion choices, resulting in her sudden exposure in international publications, is rather alarming.

However, the direction Jordan Peterson is taking his followers in is not of a healthy reactionary stand in limited circumstances (such as opposing the above-mentioned).

His message often appears verbose and convoluted, leading to a lack of clarity, unless one is attentive enough to pick up on his main ideas. And those ideas, when reduced to their core, are far from deep – instead, they are an appeal to reintroducing archaic principles derived from the Bible.

Admitting the excesses of the far left today should not need to involve romanticising times of mindless dogmatism, not to mention dry judgement of anyone who didn’t conform to rigid societal expectations.

Christian traditionalism is constrictive, not to mention in contradiction with how we have come to understand the individual, developing human rights to an unprecedented level. Rejecting the excesses of feminism should not involve pining for times when women were restricted and undervalued in so many ways. Rejecting the coldness and alienation often caused by the promotion of promiscuity need not involve a return to puritanism, which is religious in nature and toxic.

Peterson’s ideas do not provide a balance – the alternative he envisions is regressive, and as many have noticed, “nothing new under the sun”.

His followers are mostly male, and many, according to statistics, are involved in either the MRM, conservative movements or both. In a predominantly left-leaning academic milieu, they have suddenly found a guru.

Below are some aspects which render his following less than healthy.

  • Articles rebutting his points of view are swarmed by devotees;
  • There seem to be many who agree with Peterson on everything, which is worrying in and of itself (they have stopped questioning him and now take his directives as rules for their existence);
  • He portrays himself as a life coach, if not guru, without using the terms; he seeks to influence people well beyond elaborating on certain ideologies (he recently wrote a book of 12 rules for anyone’s existence, which as a concept is dogmatic);
  • Followers are know to use jargon derived from his teachings in dialogues (they reply to contrarians with a simple “clean your room” or “don’t you have a room to clean?”, based on one of his 12 rules, which is unnatural and oddly cult-like.

The reductionist and regressive nature of some of his ideas stands out and cannot be ignored.

Among these is the fact that presumably, a woman doesn’t respect a male partner who “wouldn’t physically fight her under any circumstance”. This caters to the mass of angry men who enjoy watching the “men fight back” videos on YouTube (a perverse genre dedicated to getting off on men striking women). It caters to the MRM in general – and although violence against men by women is under-reported, it is not legal nor encouraged.

The mere fact of linking respect to physical dominance is repugnant nowadays, and coupled with his Christian faith, echoes olden days of sad remembrance, as well as the tenets of Islam, which include a man’s divine right to physically discipline his wife. Although Peterson does not argue for matters to go that far, he does argue that a man’s propensity for violence makes him more lovable to the woman who would be at the receiving end of it. Volatility and superior physical strength are realities, of course – however, basing respect between partners on them as prerequisites is disturbing.

Another disturbing issue is basing the way men relate to women on a puritanical view, which is no different than the one found in the Bible or the Qur’an – women entice men automatically and not only should men treat them as such – they should consider themselves the object of the male gaze, perpetually, irrespective of the environment they are in.

In a brief interview, he linked sexual harassment to the way women dress and even to make-up, suggesting perhaps it should not be allowed in a work environment. That stops short of asking for a dress code so that women wouldn’t be allowed to “keep enticing” men through their mere existence in their proximity. He also suggests men and women might not be suitable for working together.

Magdalene Laundries come to mind.

These are issues the west is thought to have overcome decades ago. It has long been a consensus that the role a person can play in society should not be restricted by inherent traits, such as sex or race or sexual orientation. It has also become a consensus that “othering” people based on these traits (treating them differently)  should belong in history books.

Apparently, that is still not clear to some people, among them Jordan Peterson.

To reiterate, rejecting the exaggerations of modern feminists should not involve reversing time to embrace puritanical, paranoid views, as well as the need for men to “keep women in check”.

I needn’t mention that the main reason Christianity is rebutted so often is not the belief in an imaginary God, when isolated from other aspects – but the desire to regulate people’s lives down to minute choices. Jordan Peterson seems to share that desire for micromanagement, down to debating what women should not be allowed to wear around men.

Reflecting on human nature is one thing – seeking to instil the need for a certain way of life into every individual is another. For an adept of free thought and free expression, he seems to cling to authoritarian Bible precepts far too often.

Of course, one can be considered a guru and worshipped as superior outside of their own will, as blind following is a subjective experience based on mental fragility.

The problem with Peterson is that he truly embraces the role of a know-it-all who has the answers to every common dilemma one might have. And that is impossible – we are all limited, shaped by a plethora of factors which result in a unique understanding of the world, through what we internalise throughout our lives.

What he does can be described as overreaching.

Thinking he’s got valuable advice and observations – fair enough. Anyone develops a set of principles based on their life experience, whit the caveat of admitting they are, at the end of the day, subjective and limited.

An exercise in social engineering, however, especially when preached to others as the ultimate truth, involves a delusion of grandeur, as nasty as that sounds. Authoritarian types aim for that – developing a platform on one issue and subsequently preaching on many others,  however unrelated, with enough confidence of having figured out a fail-proof, one-size fits all way to solve the world’s problems or help others navigate though life, regardless of individual circumstances.

It’s fair enough, when one specialises in a certain area and has got a reasonable claim of expertise, to have that much influence.

People like Peterson, however, quickly expand and are suddenly “entitled” to issue prescriptions on a variety of complex matters, to have said prescriptions internalised by followers as truths.

The Alt-Right Would Enjoy Living Under Sharia

If it weren’t for the dread of having to worship a different sky goblin, I swear these people would have a field day being able to revert their treatment of women to that of the 1800s.

Jordan Peterson claims women shouldn’t be allowed to wear makeup or high heels at work; that sexual harassment is their fault and women and men likely aren’t able to work together.

This guy has been praised for a good couple of years for his stand on newly invented gender pronouns; ever since, he has evolved into the go-to conservative academic for opposition to whatever the left tries to push. Although he sounded levelled to begin with and more tempered than the usual reactionary band, it seems that at the end of the day, philosophising aside, he holds the view of a religious puritan – women should be mandated to stop “provoking”, because men can’t help themselves.

Though his solution is not to have them covered from head to toes, as those in Islamic theocracies are, the drive is identical – women enjoy too much freedom of expression; they should be treated as sexual nitroglycerine and have a dress code imposed on them when men are present.

Never mind that women who abandon their femininity in aesthetic terms (some radical feminists for instance), giving up makeup, cutting their hair short and at times growing their armpit hair, are referred to, by the same crowd, as a disgrace to womanhood and completely unappealing.

Nope. They don’t want them dressing like men (that causes impotence apparently), but they don’t want them excessively feminine either, as unwanted erections are also an inconvenience. They must want some virginal, nun-like characters whose sole intention is to make sure they are not noticed. Who would know that their appearance is likely to cause offence for all the wrong reasons.

Reinstate Magdalene laundries while you’re at it. Dickhead.

Why red lipstick, he asks. Well (I’m paraphrasing), it’s because it’s indicative of sexual arousal. Because every woman going to work, apparently, is not worried about the long hours, mortgage, debt, family duties or a boring job – she goes there specifically to show her male colleagues how she looks when sexually aroused. Every single day, as she gets ready, that is her drive. For an academic, such views are incredibly simplistic and idiotic.

Never mind that a woman goes out in public in a manner she feels comfortable in, and some wouldn’t leave their homes without the makeup routine – partly because they know that if they don’t look their best, they might be jeered at by the same entourage which also jeers at them for looking too appealing. They just can’t win, can they? And by winning, I mean be left alone.

I don’t suppose the same standards would apply to ladies well past their prime, considerably overweight ones or those with a visible physical defect. Men who think like Jordan Peterson are only concerned with the object of their own desire – young,  very attractive women. Maybe if they stopped wanking off to porn every day they would cease to look at a colleague and immediately think she is provoking through the colour of her lipstick, like a Playboy bunny. I understand male hyper-sexuality, but FFS, they can keep these obsessions to their private space.

I think it’s grotesque for a woman to set off to work each day keeping primarily in mind that her male colleagues or employers will study her from head to toes. And that she, just by being female, is some kind of threat to their mental well-being.

Which brings me to the fact that I don’t understand the alt-right’s opposition to Sharia law, where women are concerned; if someone were to formulate a similar doctrine for the west, changing only what specifically pertains to Muslim worship, I reckon they’d be more than happy. Apparently, they’ve got vagina on their brains to such extent that women in their vicinity are a danger/ in danger.

Stefan Molyneux, another guru for young men who can’t get laid and become nostalgic for eras they’ve never experienced, claims, among other things, that a woman belongs in the home, for breeding purposes (I know I sound like a feminist here, and believe me, I’m not; I simply find this approach vile, as is any attempt to impose a lifestyle choice to others). Being a homemaker is a choice, in the west anyway. It’s not my place or Molyneux’s to dictate what a woman should want out of life.

The illustrious bullshit spinner also has a rather strange obsession with the clitoris (a woman wants to tie a string to her clit and drag the man along, paraphrasing again). His misogyny, transparent down to his tone, which oozes anger and frustration, is poisonous to young minds.

One notable position he holds is that women are responsible for starting families with complete arseholes – as if, you know, during courtship an arsehole actually displayed his natural behaviour. In other words, if a woman finds herself in an abusive situation and is unable to leave, it’s her fault after all. The idea that women only date aggressive men and should instead date “nice” members of Incel was what motivated Elliot Rodger to go on a shooting spree. AWALT is not some innocuous groan of frustration thrown around on Reddit; it actually has consequences.

All in all, I can find clear congruence between adepts of Sharia law and this new generation of right-wingers (MRA, alt-right, Christian conspiracy nutters etc; they are all patting each other on the back for being “red pilled” when it comes to women). These are some of the points they seem to agree on:

  • A return to outdated moral values and social standards is necessary;
  • Attractive women should cover up to avoid male attention;
  • Men just can’t keep it in their trousers and sexual assaults are provoked;
  • There is rampant sexual immorality in the world, with a focus on sexual minorities;
  • Women either belong in the home, with alpha males as providers, or should be rejected altogether as whores and deviants;
  • The alpha male must protect his territory, status, ego etc;
  • Militarism and hawkishness are apparels of “true alpha males”;
  • Men should be the unquestioned leaders of their households and communities (it’s not like Jim Jones and Warren Jeffs didn’t do a splendid job);
  • Adultery on a woman’s part is unforgivable, whilst men can fuck about all they like, or have multiple wives, respectively;
  • Women’s nature is to be submissive and a variation in that sense is deviant/ rebellious;
  • In group interactions (work for instance), men and women are better off separated.
  • Women are immature and unworthy of leadership positions or intellectual endeavours.

It’s slightly amusing that just today I learned of research carried out by Dr. Hector Garcia, regarding the god archetypes humanity seems to construct. “The Alpha God” details the links between our late primate ancestors and our current behaviours and aspirations, culminating in the kind of being we imagine as worthy of worshiping.

The archetype of an all-powerful alpha male, before whom mortals must bow (I’d never known apes also bow before alphas in their group, hence that’s where all the submission rituals must come from…and believers think they are establishing a connection with the divine… when they are in fact just imitating apes).

The being Christians and Muslims worship is very, very concerned with men’s inability to control their sexual urges and women’s moral duty to cover up.

This has nothing to do with ethics or spirituality but with Cro-Magnon understanding of human nature.