The bigger they are, in terms of reputation and membership, the quicker they are to  chew you and spit you out again as not worthy.

More recently than I care to admit, I tried joining a community which makes a living out of humour, politely and apologetically asking for directions on a certain subject. By the time someone was kind enough to offer them, I’d already been voted down for existing and for not being familiar with the full structure of their website, which was pretty intricate by the way. Then they quietly voted me down again for asking for an explanation regarding what I’d actually done.

By the way, this was meant to be a group of intellectuals; the cream of the crop; so at first I posted naturally, figuring a bunch of funny, very smart people would not slight someone for landing there unfamiliar with their establishment and trying to communicate.

It seems, somehow, that many such communities, American in particular, have got a stick up their rear ends thicker than the mast on the HMS Discovery.

It seems regardless of the niche, on-line groups are often led by arrogant types who jump on you just for being in their line of sight.

Never again. Ditto.