Every so often, one finds a stack of leaflets in the mailbox, to swiftly move them to the recycling bin. Most are strictly commercial. Some, however, are more interesting.

It turns out a group known as Advent Books is “taking its message to the UK” by pushing a propaganda book, “The Great Controversy”, seeking to link the EU to Papal control starting with the Roman Empire. It is made available by mail order, online order or as a PDF download, completely free.

The great liberation from the grip of this international octopus, described as political but obviously referring to Catholicism, would (of course) be the Protestant reformation.

In other words, they are trying to recruit Brexit voters with some story about the Roman Empire, as if it necessarily had any relevance nowadays. Obviously, some structures have endured throughout the ages and participate in the political process, but give me a break; this is too transparent.

One might wonder who’s got the money to print this publication, potentially in the thousands, and send it out to people. Do they send these leaflets to just anyone, or is there refined targeting, ensuring that the number of orders is manageable?

There must be massive financial backing for this type of project.


Apparently, this book was being offered for free in the US as far back as 2006, using the same system. They must think the current rise in adherence to conspiracy theories is auspicious to casting the net.

In 2009 there were only 25.000 Seventh Day Adventists in the UK, more than half of them living in London.

As described in this BBC article, the “great controversy” is group jargon for the battle between God and Satan. It’s unclear how that can ever be correlated with Brexit and the European Union.

I can only speculate they are out to collect addresses so they can keep pestering those who unwittingly order the free book.

From the same article we find out the following:

  • There are impositions in the way they can dress;
  • They are not allowed to dance;
  • They are restricted from entertainment, aside from classical music; they are not allowed to watch films or listen to “dangerous music”;
  • They are sexual puritans;
  • Everyone outside of their sect is going to Hell.

But hey, they can tell you all about the EU, right? They just want to “keep you informed”.

One might think such a book can only be written by seasoned researchers; instead, it was written by the people described here by a former member, who was born into the sect and later renounced religion.

There is nothing in the leaflet indicating their intention to convert the recipient. It’s slimy.

In their own words (which I’m sure many didn’t research before asking for the book):

God’s work is supposed to be advancing and not receding. Here at Advent Books we are recognizing the problems within the United Kingdom and with God’s help we are addressing the need of reaching the millions of dying souls.

Just in the first 4 months of 2014 over 1.1 million homes have been reached and over 1500 books have been sent out.

Now we are planning to expand to reach more people.

Reaching the People of the United Kingdom…

Advent Books is dedicated to reaching the people of Great Britain. Over the last 11 Years 15,000 people have been reached and we are planning to expand to reach many many more people.

Advent Books is planning to wake up Great Britain through the Literature work, reaching more homes, more souls as quick as possible.

Would you like to Help?

Can You Imagine:

Every Home in Great Britain receiving an offer for the book The Great Controversy – Twice

Yes that is right every home in great Britain receiving the offer of The Great Controversy 2 times. And alongside this offer would be the opportunity of receiving the postal Bible studies. Great Britain has over 25 Million homes and already half of these have been covered.

It is our Job to get the literature out like the leaves of Autumn.

Other Denominations reading Ellen White Books

Can you imagine Pentecostals, Baptists, Methodists, Catholics reading books and compilations by Ellen White. Yes that is right it is our aim to offer books like Desire of Ages to other denominations inviting them to use them as their church study book.

Now is the time to act to reach other people and we as Seventh-day Adventists can reach other denominations through these books. Could you imagine when Easter comes Christians reading from Desire of Ages the closing scenes of Christ’s Life?

I can imagine this – lets go out there and reach the people.

Books available in Regular Stores

It is our goal to have Ellen White books available in regular book stores and retail outlets. To have the British public to be able to walk into their local book store or supermarket and pick of the shelf a Patriarchs and Prophets or Desire of Ages etc this will be a major achievement.

To know God’s books are available throughout Great Britain sitting on book stores shelves ready to be bought will certainly advance our Lord’s second coming.

How ironic is this?

A foreign sect, coming to “save the dying souls” of British people by claiming to educate them on what they perceive as their effort to remove foreign domination.