PTSD develops after an incident that involves physical harm or the threat of physical harm. Therefore, experiencing street harassment on a regular basis has a similar effect on marginalized people as combat does for soldiers. This is partly why street harassment isn’t “just a compliment,” but is, in fact, a very big deal.


On the ever-expanding  list of atrocities suffered by western women, along with other types of compliments , we find the audacity some men have of approaching them in public and alluding to their attractiveness. What an awful, disgraceful thing to do.

Granted that some people’s manners need improving and this type of unwanted attention can be bothersome, if expressed in a demeaning way. But at the most, if no actual danger exists, it will result in a short inconvenience, easily forgotten two minutes later.

It’s only human nature. We all participate in this game of (sometimes) awkward interaction. It’s not even serious.

At times it can actually be a playful experience. Years ago, when I was 18 , I was “cat called” by sailors.  I was alone, very early in the morning, on a river beach, before a very narrow point of the Danube. They passed me by on a barge and waved, and by gestures, called me on board. The water was so narrow I honestly could have swum my way to them.Which might have been interesting had I not run the risk of getting back on shore in a different country. But still I waved back quite endearingly and enjoyed the whole – totally harmless – experience. I was a virgin, with no plans of having sex with anyone, but still enjoyed the thought of male attention. Does that make me a whore? Does that make them wannabe rapists?

Eyeballs don’t rape or “oppress”.

And calling a two second interaction “harassment” is plain stupid.

The funny thing is that I’m sure many of the women complaining about being targeted by these vicious men would complain just as much (and probably do as well) when men ignore them constantly. Also, it’s worth mentioning the obvious hypocrisy of seeing themselves as victims while others are enslaved, sold off, abused and killed in different parts of the world.


An advance which is not wanted is categorised as a crime now in Nottingham, UK.

Call me a “conspiracy theorist” but this seems like an attempt to drive men and women apart (yet another one, that is). Soon enough, men in those parts will start being afraid of approaching women altogether.

Really sick and if it becomes generalised it will turn into a real problem.

I hope it’s OK to embed this video here.


And I also hope it’ OK to embed this one, as a response to this whole nonsense, based on the fact that the establishment, pushed by power-crazed, frustrated feminists, cannot regulate the interaction between men and women, which has been left to us by NATURE.


Courtship can take so many forms, some funnier and more eccentric than others.

And regarding women who are approached and not willing to respond, they are free to say no or ignore the issue altogether. The only thing that a normal woman would come out of this with would be flattery.

Somehow I get the feeling this is not necessarily brought on by the women who are likely to receive these advances, but by the ones who aren’t (and I’ll stop at this to avoid being nasty).

To conclude, I post another music video, this time from my own culture, based on the same narrative as the one above (also hoping it’s OK to embed). This narrative is a universal one. How about Mariachi singing under your balcony? Uwnanted attention? Must be illegal.If even wolf-whistling is a crime, what might this be construed as? Harassment? Half-rape?