If ever there was a parody of SJW mentalities, this website would be the perfect example. Prepare for a trip to Wonderland, down the rabbit hole of delusion.

  1. Hugging Granny may lead to molestation later in life

Apparently, a child who doesn’t automatically reach out to hug someone (perhaps out of shyness) should not be encouraged to be affectionate.This may result in them internalising the concept of submitting to being touched.  Their body, their choice. Surreal.

2. Being rational is overrated and unnecessary

It turns out demanding rationalism from social justice activists is completely unwarranted. Although discussing the use of  the brain is definitely ableist when referring to people who don’t possess one, we must still acknowledge its importance throughout history. After all, human brains have produced marvelous things, such as laptops and the internet, which SJWs dutifully use on a daily basis.

3. Biological sex is non-binary by default (in humans)

Welcome to a world where not only exceptions are the rule but there are no longer rules in nature. It seems chromosome annomalies suffered by a very smal percentage of the population are just normal variations, unlike being born with, let’s say, four hands. The creator of the video claims most people are unaware of these variatons (and their own) because they simply “don’t have their chromosomes examined” more often. Good one.

4. Law enforcement and the judiciary should be abolished

There is a film called “The Purge”, which indulges in a detailed picture of what would happen in that situation – the limitless theft, rape, murder one would expect in a jungle somewhere. I doubt further explanations are necessary to anyone who is not high on some hallucinogenic, besides being severly mentally impaired.Granted that the prison system is unfair and reforming it is not a bad idea – however, dismissing the fact that some humans pose a danger to others and some even torture and murder for fun, is well, about as ridiculous as discourse can get.

It seems the prison system and police force are a concoction of the … what was it again? Cisheteropatriarchy. Translation, the world.

5. Working out results in thin privilege

Because it’s not like socialists to say one should not have the right to fully enjoy something they’ve worked for.

We’re desperately drawn to the idea that an underdog can win with a little effort. (…)

The thing about privilege – whether it’s circumstantial or gained – is that it’s unfair. It’s inequitable. It’s an injustice. Because regardless of how you come by your privilege, it can only exist based on the oppression of others. (…) And therefore, if you believe that you “deserve” your privilege (perhaps because you “worked for” it), then you also inherently believe that others “deserve” to be oppressed.

Here’s a progressive opposed to… well, what most people understand as progress. And it’s plain to see that instead of developing our own qualities, we should envy what others have and call it “privilege”. Women wilfully opress other women though the sheer size of their knickers. It can’t get more cringey than that. This type of attitude shows that the body positivity movement is not based on empowerment through acceptance, but on actual resentment of others. There’s nothing positive about envying other people’s attractiveness. It’s petty.

6.“Gendered language” is offensive

Here’s a creativity exercise – can you spot the problematic words we use on a daily basis? If not, let me give you a hand by pointing them out and replacing them with the PC terms, as shown by this article and many others of this type.

Last night I attended a baby shower with a few ladies; the baby’s mother is a close friend of mine from highschool. She is joyful about expecting a baby girl, and so is the father. I also went to their wedding last year. The bride and groom were quite nervous but elated at the same time.

Last night I attended a baby shower with a few female-presenting people; parent one is a close friend of mine from highschool. They are joyful about expecting a biologically female baby whose gender is not yet known, and so is parent two. I also went to their wedding last year. Partner one and partner two were quite nervous, but elated at the same time.

I remember Christian publications warning years ago that it would come to this. And I remember many people laughing it of as silly or paranoid.

7.Complimenting trans people on their appearance is offensive

But I’m finally going to just say it: The Validation Response is the act of cis people – even the best, most well-meaning ones – subconsciously exercising their power as cis people. (…)

But let’s say you’re a super awesome ally. (Yay you!) Let’s say you comment on their looks only in a healthy, respectable way. That’s still not enough. Now you must follow up with something else about them. (…)

If you can’t do these things, then please keep quiet.

On the other hand, in some parts of the world, failing to give that validation may result in a hefty fine. But finally, if this doesn’t stop, keeping quiet might just be the solution, which will most likely be interpreted as  exclusion. When society at large becomes angry and fed up with this prima donna caper, it will affect even those who are innocent of it. Keep teaching people to require more ceremony than royalty and they will be the only ones losing out. Make others uncomfortable enough and you will achieve the pariah status  for your entire group, faster than you can say “pre-op”.

8. Appropriating hairstyles, clothing styles and prints from other cultures

In recet years, Halloween has become a scandal, as some people wear costumes which stereotype other ethnicities, though one might think it is not to be taken more seriously than a witch or Batman costume. In everyday life, some are scrutinising each other for culturally suggestive aspects and call them out on not being “racially entitled” to wear dreadlocks or certain types of clothes.

What does this look like when someone thinks the art is cool, but not the people with whom it originates?

And who says that? How can you determine by bumping into someone on the street that they are guilty of disrespcting the culture they borrowed a trivial aspect from?

A little empathy might be helpful here. Imagine you’re a part of a community that has been stigmatized (…) Then suddenly one thing you do, eat, or wear gets taken up and celebrated by a community with a hell of a lot more money, visibility and power than you but gives negative twenty fucks about you, your culture, or its value.

More importantly, why would I give “negative twenty fucks” about what they wear or eat? Why would that be any of my business? They’re not stealing it off me, FFS. They simply go into shops, see something they like and buy it. What’s the big deal?

If you’re appropriating a cultural thing literally because your friends are doing it or it was on an episode of Girls . . .  You. Need. To. Check. Yourself.

If you spend your time staring at people’s clothes and the content of their plates … You. Need. To. Check. Yourself. Into. A. Mental. Hospital.


The source of inspiration is unending, as that community is a bottomless pit.