Very strange footage is emerging from western university campuses lately – among the most unsettling, there are a few recordings of students gathering and chanting or shouting slogans repeatedly, as if they were trying to enter some kind of motivational trance, perhaps in preparation for a social justice war.

Creepy as fuck.

Honestly, just watch it, it’s just 3 and a half minutes long.

It is our duty to fight!

It is our duty to win!

We have nothing to lose but our chains! (copyright Karl Marx)

We must love and protect each other!

It’s like something out of Split Image.

The need to mindlessly repeat things in a group setting remains a mystery, as does the impression these people have, that the whole scene inspires solemnity as opposed to ridiculousness. When seeing that, many would (rightfully) think of tightly controlled organisations such as cults, seeking to reduce their members to automatons, devoid of a unique voice or any originality. Their minds must just go blank.

It is evocative of zombies who do not possess a will of their own, but can be set in motion all at once; if one starts sloganeering, the rest follow. It is common for them to do that as a reaction to comments which bother them. It seems to be a mechanism of defence their minds employ against dangerous ideas; perhaps the group leaders get them going when they hear a speaker say something which might ring a bell, getting the mental “gear” out like throwing a cross in front of a vampire.

On a side note, if you’ve ever been around turkeys, you know they do the same; when you whistle they all make their specific noise at the same time.