Update: It turns out the story was false after all, which is a good thing.

One has to wonder however if it came about as a result of someone’s inaccurate understanding of the issue or if it was a way to “test the water”, as they say, throwing an idea out there to see how people would react.


Though not connected to the general purpose of this blog, this article is too disturbing to not mention. By reading the comments, one can see people are divided on the matter, with some agreeing that saving lives is a wonderful, selfless thing to do (which no one can argue with).

However, the issue remains – is the mere idea of a human being born solely as a source of organs acceptable? Where would this lead to in the future?

People shudder, with good reason, at the thought of abortion clinics selling off body parts for research. To them, dead children, regardless of their age, are sources of revenue, which they cut into pieces – sometimes while still alive, as horrific testimonies of former workers have shown. They shudder at the thought of these bodies being used by companies such as Pepsi to produce food flavourings, evocative of Soylent Green. This level of inhumanity does exist in our very own morally superior western world.

I’m not getting into the whole abortion issue when major defects are involved; people who are directly involved or knowledgeable regarding this experience are the only ones entitled to issue any judgement.

However, consider the immense danger of medical errors or even money-driven deception which could prompt the wrong diagnosis being given, and thus the wrong choice.

Is it unthinkable? Certainly not. It’s only unthinkable for those who are naive enough to think that if they aren’t personally capable of organising such monstrous acts, other people aren’t either.

The organ market is alive and well in many parts of the world – if not all. How would an expecting mother ever know the diagnosis had been correct, if the child was taken right after birth for the organs to be harvested? She wouldn’t, would she? Aside from knowing the child was being kept alive artificially just enough for his/ her body to be used up and would then be killed by the procedure.

How thoroughly would they assess the newborn to check whether their initial estimation was right or the child might actually have a chance to survive? Or would they rush him/ her to be ”harvested” immediately, as scheduled?

If this procedure became very common and was abused, what would stop the exploitation of vulnerable people, who are socially and educationally disadvantaged, by the unscrupulous? Even one life taken in this way is one too many.

To me it feels like a step further in the direction of giving up one’s attachment to a pregnancy. Not the first step of course – women who “rent their wombs” give up their own children (unless they are only carrying someone else’s fertilised egg), creating them for this purpose, for a sum of money. Apparently, that is meant to be different than selling (trafficking) them after birth, which is a crime, although it’s the same thing – the kids still carry their mothers’ genetic material and are deprived of their biological family, as well as heritage. Emotional bonds which might develop are completely excluded from surrogacy. It’s a contract, demand and supply, and one’s reconsidering or emotional distress down the line is not even considered. Maternity is celebrated in some situations and estrangement (depriving a child intentionally of a biological family, as opposed to adoption, which is decided once the child has been conceived and cannot be supported), is celebrated in others.

Not to mention women who donate or sell their eggs for the purpose of “research”, knowing some would be used for the production of embryos (genetically, their own children, no less than any other children they might have), to be used for tests and discarded in the trash. You don’t need religion (as many claim objections are religiously motivated) in order to understand this reality. It’s genetics, plain and simple.

Where is the value of human life in all this, as well as the family bonding, as if I really need to ask? Some lives matter, others don’t.

Everything is arbitrary and utilitarian nowadays.