So here we are, on the brink of a radical transformation across Europe, including demographically. According to some, the sole cause is, of course, immigration – forgetting that regardless of new arrivals and their origin, we would perish anyway, if the current tendencies are kept up.

When populations are falling below the minimal replacement rate, they might want to care less if they could be out-bred by immigrants or grey squirrels and more about how they ended up in that situation in the first place.

In any anti-immigration debate we hear the statement  “our native population is declining”, as if it were a fact of nature and not the result of our establishment-induced life choices.

We,  in the west, live in a feminist-dominated culture, which keeps pushing homemakers down and discourages  “breeding” until one is completely financially secure – which, for many women, is not likely to happen until they are in their early 40’s, meaning stretching their chances to have one baby, let alone two or three. For some, complete financial security might never, ever happen.

Especially during a recession which hits the whole of Europe and beyond.

Past generations bred through hardship and wars; that’s how most of us are still here. Most of us in Europe have family tales linked to WWII, famine, widowing, death and desolation. And still, life went on.

Nowadays, it seems, one must meet a certain salary threshold, even if nothing is guaranteed forever anyway. One must meet living conditions they might never achieve in the prime of their existence, when they are most fertile and most likely to produce healthy children.

Because, of course, we have to defy nature at every pace, just to suit ourselves and our own expectations.

And if, after fertility has already waned, we are hit by infertility, we can always sacrifice a handful of embryos to a single successful in vitro procedure, again, to suit ourselves.

To be considered a satisfactory parent nowadays, one must adhere to such strict criteria many prefer to skip that role altogether. In some countries they are told what political opinions are permissible in order to “not harm a child psychologically”.  Well done, the state can now dictate your optimal belief system, your optimal political adherence, your minimal economical situation and so forth. And incredibly, some people voice their support for draconian legislation mandating sterilisation, contraception etc in certain situations or mandating one should by default obtain a permit in order to use their own reproductive function.

Anyone who was alive 20 or 30 years ago is likely to wonder if they recognise the world they live in anymore. Things are progressing very quickly.

Which is sad in any way you can think of.