In recent years, there has been an explosion of aggressive vegan propaganda, particularly on YouTube, where self-proclaimed diet gurus or we-can-save-the-planet types raise veganism to the level of a new religion. Some are so militant you might want to show kindness to the next Jehovah’s Witness knocking on your door, by comparison. Even while alluding you might go to hell, at least they don’t plan on putting a gun to your head, like this lovely woman here.

A strange phenomenon of our time, it seems the general understanding of hate speech is only designed to protect minorities. When the majority is targeted (meat eaters or omnivores in this case), even advocating mass murder is permitted. Though in some countries such innovators might be placed on anti-psychotics.

Besides straightforward preaching, what a lot of them do is upload purposely misleading videos with anti-vegan titles, to draw the attention of those who disagree with them. If you type search terms such as ”vegans are crazy”, ”vegans are annoying”, ”I’m sick of vegans”, ”anti-veganism”, ”I hate vegans” etc., the top results, if not the entire first page, will be more of their crap disguised as critique. As soon as you click on a video they will mock that opening statement (the title) and move on to praising their lifestyle choice. You will most likely find the word ”vegan” in the name of the channel, which is revealing enough to avoid clicking on it.

Either that or it will be intended satire all the way through (only intended as it is humourless) , sounding very much like this. Once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.

Therefore, if your search terms are positive or neutral, you get pages upon pages of their propaganda. If you type in negative terms, more of the same. It’s like they’re trying to push genuine critique so far down the list of results one  will give up trying to find it after clicking on 50 variations of the one mentioned above.

Also, it seems that when they congregate they manifest the same toxicity towards each other as a number of other SJW-type groups do. This blog, written by someone who has chosen to replace the ”vegan” label with ”herbivore” in order to break  all association with said community, details the demanding and judgemental attitude of self-righteous snobs putting down those among them they deemed ”not vegan enough”.

When one starts reading about today’s most popular movements, especially among young people, matters always seem to lead to cult-like dynamics hidden behind well-marketed fanaticism, where reasonable people are cast out as not worthy.