One may at times feel they are too gullible, especially after being duped by a master of deception, and that they need to change their approach to other people altogether. It’s normal to be defensive, to play the lone wolf while healing – as long as the line between reality and delusion remains firm and visible.

Although many guides on identifying people on the ASPD spectrum (narcissists, psychopaths etc) may seem complex and reliable, not to mention relatable, genuine experts will always advise (and stress it) to use extreme caution when deciding whether a person you know fits that description to a tee, as most people display some of the warning signs, temporarily or permanently, without deserving that label.

Those who immediately  tell you to run, often with an imperative tone, cannot be trusted as impartial sources of information and authoritative figures on the issue. You should indeed run – from them and their groups, that is.

More often than not, they stretch and bend every story to fit into the narrative they are fixated on, as the legendary Procrustes would; many may do it with a good intention, not realising the error of a rushed judgement. It’s not difficult for a group’s members to reinforce this perception regarding their lives and those of their peers, causing  mass confusion.

Many such platforms provide information regarding the alleged percentage of psychopaths in society and insist that you should be wary of people in general based on those numbers.

Psychopath Free goes even further and invites you to keep an eye out for psychopaths everywhere you turn – including their forum. One moderator is set on this idea; it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they tried to predict the number of psychopaths based on the number of members and then identify them.

They argue there are such people at every social gathering, in every building, at every party etc. Whilst that may well be true in many cases, I believe – and surely I’m not alone – that actively looking for them in every social situation is a sign of mental imbalance and definitely not the way to a peaceful life.

Imagine that everyone around you is relaxing with a pint, and meanwhile, your mind goes 90 miles an hour trying to ”spot the psycho” in the room, trying to pick up negative vibes, behavioural patterns, chit-chat between others etc. At that moment, there is one definite anti-social individual in there and that is you. It is my belief nobody really wants to fall into that trap.

However, if you find yourself overwhelmed by the fear of disordered people, here is PF to the rescue:

PF RubbishPF Rubbish1

”Spot a NSP within the first or second post”. And just over a dozen members agree.

To think that others spend decades studying this phenomenon and still fail to identify them sometimes.These people are better than Derren Brown! It’s a shame these brilliant minds waste their God given gift on a forum instead of saving the whole of humanity.

Seriously, this claim is being made by PF staff. Which means their members are both naive and paranoid at the same time.