When dealing with psychopathy experts whose credentials are based solely on the number of followers they have managed to attract, one must always use caution. So here’s a common sense list of behaviours and attitudes you want to watch out for among recovery forum experts.

They are probably not able to recognise a real psychopath if …

1. They call you one after a couple of short disagreements, in order to dismiss your arguments.

2. They state that everyone who is against their ”sacred mission” must by default be a psychopath, as opposed to a sceptic or someone who sees through their great confusion.

3. They claim to be able to fence psychopaths out of their forums, as if they could realistically give someone that label after a quick virtual interaction.

4. They tend to identify them a bit more often than you and the majority of your peers do (as in claim an unusually high percentage of the people they’ve met were psychopathic).

5. They adopt the very behaviours they are describing in their materials, from luring in unsuspecting strangers to triangulating in secrecy and discarding them without a reason or warning.

6. They claim to want to free you and simultaneously try to control you by imposing lifestyle changes you must implement if you want to continue speaking to them. Control freaks are much more likely to be psychopaths than help others guard against them.