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As an accurate description of what motivates me to write this blog, I’m pasting this from a relevant post, following yet another realisation of how chilling the lack of empathy expressed by social justice warriors can be.

The world is currently full of little Hitlers who have lost all trace of humility, seeking to adapt everyone else’s lives to their personal inner reality, from their moral unicorn – as high horse doesn’t even cut it anymore – regardless of the devastation they leave behind them.

There is no room for  “I could be wrong”, “the truth might be somewhere in the middle” or “this is not my call to make”. There is no longer a middle ground, only extremes. In this reinvented socialist view internationalism has become reality as one is no longer considered an “enemy of the state”, but an “enemy of humanity” if they disagree with them. They are the ones promoting international standards for what people should do, consume, say, believe or express in the form of art, as well as the creation of institutions to enforce these standards.

Reminding them of their own fallibility disrupts their narrative and fantasy of heroism.

Social justice warriors are in love with abstract concepts, even if they are empty of true meaning since their meaning keeps being changed by the system as time passes. Equality, inclusion, civilisation. They refer to a civilised society when describing acts of revolting cruelty such as the state tearing families apart without good cause and fail to see their verbal confusion.

Today, besides overtly violent extremists of all kinds, the ones to fear are these tyrants in hippie “skins”, constantly talking about love, tolerance and human rights, while being capable of or supporting radical acts without batting an eyelid. You see some of them gnash their teeth, snarl or shake with anger when they talk about love and harmony, whilst others are as jolly as they would be on Christmas morning before other people’s unimaginable misery.

And you know they’re not all there just by looking at them.



Previous update:

Given that aspects regarding toxic recovery forums have almost been exhausted, there is room for a broader discussion, as these forums are part of an expansive social movement – that of getting large numbers of people to feel they are oppressed by imaginary opponents against whom they have a duty to fight back, in a bid to “change the world”.

In the bizarre world of social justice warriors, these collective enemies can range from people with conservative views  to comedians and free speech “criminals” in universities.

Instead of promoting peace, love and empathy, which they apparently hold very dear, they cause the needless division they claim to be opposing.

Original post:

The purpose of this blog is to provide  information about toxic “abuse recovery” forums, as well as a platform where former members can share their experiences.

Whilst some recovery forums may well be genuinely helpful, especially when run by professionals, others are the playgrounds of arrogant types with many personality issues of their own.

Through skilled marketing campaigns, the teams behind them claim to offer unconditional support to people who believe they are targeted by sociopaths, psychopaths or narcissists. Besides offering a plethora of self-authored guides on spotting the above-mentioned and dealing with them, they lure thousands at their most vulnerable to pour out their intimate stories, to then behave in an immature, utterly irresponsible way towards them.

Every day, unsuspecting people going through a difficult time join such groups, only to have their information endangered, to be banned on a whim (while admins and moderators privately mock their traumas), labelled disruptive (or even disordered) and even targeted with ad hominem attacks.

My intention is not to attack any administrators, moderators or members on a personal level, but rather to describe their behaviour strictly in that context and the impact they can have on people who give them their trust. The atmosphere on these sites is very similar, from what former members describe – it revolves around paranoia, clique cohesion and the overall inner dynamics of a cult, especially when dealing with “outsiders”.

Also, my intention is not to stalk these establishments over months or years, as obsessed individuals would do *; however, things need to be said loud and clear; there needs to be a space for this particular type of experience. I have not found another one so far.

Hopefully it will have decent traffic and will be encountered by those who are unsure about registering, to give them an idea of how these communities really operate. Unfortunately, most people only research them after an unsavoury experience, while they take them at face value when they register.

*That didn’t really work out as planned, but still, it’s good to see that more and more people take an interest in this phenomenon.

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